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Summer of 2012 And The Frozen Yogurt Craze

Dear Frozen Yogurt Entrepreneur,

There's a cool new trend in North America. Whether it is due to the fact that they provide healthier, probiotic filled options to traditional ice cream parlors or because of their environmentally friendly practices, frozen yogurt opportunities are freezing over North America and showing no signs of a slowdown.

From coast to coast, Americans and Canadians no longer care about taste and taste alone, but the nutritional content of their food as well. Now, the creators of frozen, creamy, delicious-yet-healthy frozen yogurt desserts are sprouting up across the country at an alarming rate.

There is an unusually large number of distinct frozen yogurt start-ups given the purportedly niche market they serve (though the trend is going more and more mainstream everyday). So what differentiates all of these fro-yo joints?  This is where the expertise of Sam Haider aka Frozen Yogurt Guru comes in handy.   Although his comprehensive training provides much needed insight in the frozen yogurt business, there are the top five differentiating factors:

(i) Location

(ii) Branding

(iii) Store Layout & Design

(iii) Product Quality

(iv) Customer Experience

Yogurt Store Layout by Sam Haider

Start Your Yogurt Store -  Let YSOTC Speed Up The Process Now!

  • Yogurt Store Concept Brand Design

  • Logo, Branding and Signage Design

  • Space Planning

  • 3d Rendering and Illustration

  • Custom Cabinetry Drawings

  • Select and Specify Materials, Finishes and Furniture

  • Construction Drawings

  • Equipment Selection and Finishes

  • Furniture and Upholstery Selection

  • Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, etc…

  • Lighting Layout and Selection

  • Permitting Process

  • Website Design - Social Media Presence

  • Store Inspections (Health and Fire Inspections)

  • Recipes and Training

  • Yogurt Store Soft-Opening

  • Grand Opening - Happy Swirling

Design Process for your Yogurt Store

  • Finding a message that the design will bring to the public.

  • Looking closely at the site’s economic and cultural aspects.

  • Determining the businesses’ interaction, meaning and function.

  • Use of simple natural elements.

  • Bringing personality to each project, using life experience and cultural backgrounds of the client and of the design team.

  • Use of modern technology and universal knowledge to create environmentally friendly and comfortable architecture.

  • Design to maximize traffic flow and profits.

It is still not too late to capture your 2012 Yogurt Profits

If not now, when? Act immediately towards achieving your goals.  Forget the past. Forget about could have and should have.  The next best day to start is TODAY.

Self-Serve Kiosk for Co-Branding (Sub Stores)

Two Machines (Four Flavors) Custom Self-Serve Kiosk (for a small chain of sub stores) by Sam Haider

2012 is The Year of the Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt
Start Your Own Dream Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Store

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