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Top Secrets of Successful Frozen Yogurt Store

Dear Frozen Yogurt Entrepreneur,
Is success possible in the yogurt business?

You must view everything from an owner's perspective. Is your frozen yogurt great? Do you offer the top frozen yogurt flavors and rotate often? Is the staff motivated? Is the place clean, does it have good music and is it a fun and positive experience for the customer? We know that no place is perfect, not even our own. We know we've employed a warm body that didn't fit the job description only because we were desperate for help. Problems like these left unchecked will chip away at a business' success. Ignored by owners or managers these "chips" will eventually show up in a business one way or another.

We believe there are certain marks, although sometimes difficult to chart, that are common to all successful frozen yogurt ventures. We call them the four pillars of success: Quality, Service, Atmosphere, and Cleanliness. These areas are critical to the success of a frozen yogurt store. To lack in any one of these areas will eventually cost any business. It may cost you a little or it may cost you a lot. How much it costs you may depend on an array of variables. How big is your market? How much competition do you have? What is your profit potential? Of the four pillars, quality and service support the greatest weight of the business. All other variables being correct, inferior quality or poor service will cost you the most. If competition arises these two items will separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls. If your service is impeccable but your yogurts are bad, you will lose customers to the competition who consistently produce excellent product. If your product is unsurpassed but your employee is rude, a customer will go where they get "second best" product with a first rate smile and a "thank you".

On Quality:
Being in the yogurt business means that you should love yogurt. How can you be successful in something you don't even enjoy? We know some people think, "Wow, this yogurt business looks like a great business to get into. All I need are a few yogurt machines, some yogurt mix, and a place for people to sit. The margins are awesome. It's easy to talk to people and fill their yogurt cup. This should be a no-brainer. I'll be off yachting while my manager runs the business in no time." Is this how a long lasting, profitable, and enjoyable business career starts? I doubt it. If you own a yogurt shop you need to know yogurt. If you own a shoe store you need to know shoes. Yogurt business is no different from other businesses. The person at the helm needs to pursue product and industry knowledge to sustain long-term success.

On Service:
We all like to be treated with respect, even teenagers & children do. Especially when we fork over hard earned cash for anything. We don't owe money to a business. We choose to spend it there. Most times it's because we enjoy and/or need what they are selling. If they are the only source of this product or service they have an increased chance of us giving our money to them. But that's not the way I want to run my business - that you come to me simply because you have no other choice. I want you to come to me because you enjoy it, because we give you more than what you paid for. Because we give you a smile and a thank-you with your purchase. Because if needed we'll call our competition to help you find what you need. You are our only reason for being in business. If it wasn't for you we couldn't even keep our doors open. Your satisfaction assures our success. People will return to a business that treats them like that. One that educates them and that does what-it-takes to assure their satisfaction, even if it means losing a sale.

On Atmosphere:
The atmosphere of a yogurt shop needs to be like, well… a yogurt shop. A too hot or too cold store can make a customer uncomfortable. Lack of music can detract from a yogurt shop atmosphere as much as too loud of music can ruin it. ‘Attitude' is the unique intangibles that make a place what it is. It could be a corkboard for posting notes to other customers. Or an area in the store sectioned off for children. None of these ideas are right or wrong, but they may only work in certain areas and not in others. There are many variables that all add up to atmosphere.

On Cleanliness:
Cleanliness is more universal in scope. Even though some people are more fastidious than others, dirty floors, walls, or bathrooms are all signals to your customers. If you can't keep your bathrooms or walls clean your back-of-the-house will probably not be any better. Clean dishes, no dust bunnies, and especially clean bathrooms will only enhance your presentation. Cleanliness is one of those items that people don't necessarily notice unless it is a problem (although clean bathrooms will almost always evoke verbal praise from customers).

We in the yogurt business make our money by volume. Our average sale is small and our reputation is important. Regulars are the lifeblood of a yogurt shop. Word of mouth is a yogurt shop's greatest asset in advertising. People will drive the extra mile, park behind a building, or pay the extra buck if they feel they are getting a value for their dollar. When people ask me, "Do you think there is still potential in the yogurt market?" I invariably answer, "YOU BET!"

So what separates a successful (profitable, fun, growing) business from one on its way out? Continuous improvement. We must continuously evaluate our business for areas that could be improved. Also assuring that the foundation so critical to our success is not crumbling. These details need to be in the forefront of every business owner's mind. The path to failure is usually a slow one, one chink at a time until the pillars that support the structure give way and the business crashes to the ground.

So is it possible to succeed in the yogurt industry? That's up to you. Are you willing to pay the price to get involved, to get educated, and to be tenacious over the long haul? Or do you have visions of allowing another to manage your enterprise while you rake in the profits? Will you keep a smile on your face and build relationships with your customers or will you see them as an interruption to getting your ordering done? Yes, it is possible to succeed in the yogurt industry. It's even easy. All it takes is you!

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