Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Design and Concept #17
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Self Service Drives BIG Dollars for the Self-Serve

Frozen Yogurt Stores

2012 is the Year of Exponential Growth in the Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Business Model says Sam Haider of YSOTC.

Toronto Ontario, February 24th, 2012 ----- Customers want to create their own frozen yogurt treats more quickly, more deliciously and having fun with lots of choices of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. There is a lot of incentive for frozen yogurt chains to open self-serve locations.

Self-serve, pay-for-what-you-get yogurt is a brilliant business tactic. Most places provide excessively large cups, causing customers to frequently misjudge the size of their dessert. They pile on more yogurt and toppings than they could possibly need, and end up paying as much as $7 or $8 for something they would never have gotten if it werenít for the massively sized cups.

The self-serve frozen yogurt stores donít need much staff. The only labor needed to keep a self-serve fro-yo joint going is the restocking of the yogurt machines and toppings, and the weighing and ringing up of orders. You might question, then, why they have tip cups near the registers. So, self-serve yogurt is a win for everyone. Customers can get exactly what they want (or more than what they want) and enjoy the rewarding experience of personalizing their own dessert, and the business is burdened with very little work. And, as an added bonus, they get to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of each customer simply by providing oversized cups.

YSOTC (Yogurt Store Online Training Center by Sam Haider) Research indicates:

Self-service frozen yogurt business model can reduce considerable operating costs
Self service concept in the frozen yogurt settings can have staggering results:
85% increase in customer satisfaction
78% increase in customer retention
45% decrease in labor costs

Prepared by Sam Haider, CE YO; Sponsored by YSOTC Yogurt Store Online Training Center.
Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt