2012 is The Year of Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Growth.

For Immediate Release - Toronto, CA (PRWEB) Monday January 30th, 2012

The new self-serve business model for frozen yogurt is driving tremendous growth and has already proven itself as an immensely successful business model. Revenue from frozen yogurt stores reached $1.6 billion in 2011. Revenue has increased strongly due to the growing popularity of self-serve frozen yogurt stores. According to a new YSOTC research report, demand is expected to jump in 2012 and will remain robust beyond as the economy improves and consumers begin to spend more money on eating out.

Let this growth trend be your friend. Become the next self-serve frozen yogurt store millionaire. Take advantage of this new profitable trend and start your own self-serve frozen yogurt store. With a successful frozen yogurt store you can convert it into a national froyo brand, national and international frozen yogurt franchise/licensing or simply multiple frozen yogurt stores.

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Contact: Sam Haider, CE YO

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