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Greek Yogurt - The New Super Food

Greeks may be experiencing financial trouble but the Greek Yogurt is all the rage in North America.  For people who like their dairy thick and decadently creamy, Greek Yogurt can taste like a modern food miracle. Greek's got about 40 per cent less liquid on average than ordinary yogurt, which is the trick behind that zaftig texture and taste. As its verging-on-rabid fan base will tell you, Greek yogurts also contain twice as much protein by weight as the regular stuff.

Introducing The First Greek Frozen Yogurt Soft-Serve Mix

At YSOTC, we are all about innovation and new ways to help entrepreneurs capture market share and profits.  We are pleased to introduce World's First Soft-Serve Greek Style Frozen Yogurt with authentic old-world Greek Yogurt zaftig texture and taste.  Simply thaw the mix and pour into the soft-serve machine for the most delicious, thicker and creamier Greek Frozen Yogurt on the planet. Available exclusively to YSTOC valuable consulting clients.

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